The Climate Ribbon was invited to install an exhibit at the House of Solutions at Governors Island, located just south of Manhattan, New York City, for the summer of 2019.  The House of Solutions, a collaboration between the Human Impacts Institute and Climate Reality Project NYC Metro Chapter, is an inspiring place where climate solutions come to life through workshops, events, exhibits, and experimentation.  Governors Island is a remarkable place itself; a quiet and peaceful island that the modern age has forgotten, dotted with colonial houses, an old fort, and almost devoid of cars.

The Climate Ribbon team installed a screen of colorful ribbons on the porch of the House, and held an event on Sunday, June 30 called “Reflections on Climate Change: The Climate Ribbon” (see photos below).  Andy Wanning, the Climate Ribbon project coordinator, invited island wanderers to think about what they love and hope never to lose to climate change, write their thoughts on ribbons, and hang them on the screen.  He also invited participants to read other peoples’ ribbons, choose one, tie one on their wrist, and become the guardian of that person’s story.  Throughout the afternoon, dozens of people participated and were inspired by the project, including many kids.  

The Climate Ribbon screen will be displayed at the House of Solutions for the duration of the 2019 season, wrapping up when it gets colder in October.  Don’t miss this wonderful exhibit, and inspiring Solutions House, if you’re in the area!  Ferry rides are only $3 and run every 20 minutes on the weekend, and into the evening, from Battery Maritime Building in Manhattan or Pier 6 in Brooklyn Bridge Park.  You can find full details, including a schedule, here.