Alex Balbino, a sophomore at St. Thomas More Collegiate in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada, was so inspired by the Climate Ribbon that he brought it to his school, getting all of the students to participate in the activity!

As he reported: “The green team and I got all the STMC students to write on a ribbon, ‘What is one thing you love and hope to never lose to climate change,’ which we hung up in the courtyard afterwards. Once they had all been hung up, it looked beautiful. Students loved it and it really got everybody talking. At school, many of the students wore a ribbon, showing their support for our cause. We hope to do more events to help out in the future!”

A huge congratulations to Alex for making this happen! This is a great example of the universal nature, accessibility, and scaling-up potential of the Climate Ribbon. Perhaps he will inspire many others to follow his example!