Two months after the historic Peoples’ Climate March, and days before the UN Climate Summit in Lima, Peru artists and activists came together for an evening of art & activism at Thoughtworks, as solidarity events began in NYC.

A portion of The Climate Ribbon was installed in the gallery. Members of the Climate Ribbon Team, including Rae Abileah (above), updated the crowd on the People’s Climate Art and Climate Ribbon activities since the March and their plans for 2015 heading up to the streets of Paris in December, 2015, during the next UN Climate Summit.

Ileia Burgos of Rockaway Wildfire lead the crowd through the ribbon ritual, where attendees were invited to write on a ribbon “what they love and hope never to lose to climate chaos” and then tie them to the structure. Finally, they were asked to choose one that was written by another and tie it around their wrist to take with them. 


The PCM & FWS gave birth to a flourishing art movement around Climate Justice, where art was central not only to public expression during the march, but central to the organizing strategy and action design. Photographs, screen prints, posters, sculpture, video and more were included in the multimedia exhibit.

The exhibit will be up until early March 2015 at Thoughtworks, 99 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10016