After being inspired by a Climate Ribbon ribbon event in Christmas 2016, a group of climate activists in the Netherlands held a Climate Ribbon ceremony at the Dutch Parliament building on March 2.  They did so in anticipation of upcoming elections on March 15, after many brainstorming sessions about how to influence people to include climate change and climate justice in their votes. They teamed up with the Grootouders voor het Klimaat (Grandparents for Climate), who are there every 1st and 3rd Thursday, and mobilized their grandchildren to participate in the ceremony. They saw this action as a dress rehearsal for a bigger one following the elections, with the aim of influencing politicians on their responsibility in preventing climate change through sound and active policy.

They even created a Dutch version of our Climate Ribbon website!  It’s at (ribbon = lintje, climate = klimaat). It's a simple version of our site, including their own mission and statements, in which people can enter their ribbon texts and read about the how, why and what of the ceremony.  We are very excited to welcome our Dutch friends to the beauty and power of the Climate Ribbon!