On September 8, 2018, the Climate Ribbon showed up in multi-colored force in San Francisco for the Rise for Climate mass mobilization. As 30,000 marchers poured through the streets, the Climate Ribbon was there to help remind people what they were marching for.

For one woman it was “Coastal Louisiana: My culture & people.” Patricia from Sacramento, CA, told us how her Unitarian Universalist church community had already woven the Ribbon into their congregation’s meditation labyrinth. As we were still setting up, local Californian Guido stopped by and shared his story of seeing the giant tree we built for the COP21 on display at an eco-village in Southern France.

The Climate Ribbon — this time installed in a striking 12-foot-high two-panel installation, adorned with eucalyptus branches and leaves — was a familiar sight to some marchers, and a novel discovery for others. It provided a space for everyone to ground themselves, go deeply inwards, and reckon in a personal way with what each of us has at stake.

(See our short time-lapse video of the creation and take-down of the Climate Ribbon.)

Some teared up when they realized they were being invited to become the guardian for what someone else most treasured in the world that was under threat by our changing climate — and caught their breath yet again, when they realized some sympathetic stranger would eventually be doing the same for them.

And that was just Day One of what was to be a long week of climate activities, inside the halls of power, on the streets, and in countless people-powered spaces around the Bay. The following day, the ribbon was woven beautifully into a human hummingbird mandala aerial action by the edge of the Golden Gate Bridge (see a 90-second video created by Spectral Q, Dancing Without Borders, and partners).

The Ribbon was also featured at the Multi-faith Service of Wondering and Commitment at Grace Cathedral with our partners at Greenfaith, who launched their new initiative, Living the Change, with commitments from all major faiths to sustainability and renewable energy.

Next up: We’re taking the Ribbon to SOCAP18 (a major socially responsible investment conference in SF) in October, and then the massive Parliament of World’s Religions in Toronto in November.

Love and solidarity,

—Andrew & Rae and the whole ribbon team