Big thanks to the North Texas Master Naturalists who brought the Climate Ribbon to the Native Plants & Prairies Day in May, which they host annually at the Bath House Cultural Center grounds at White Rock Lake in Dallas. This free, family-oriented community event focused on Texas native plants and animals, and created time to celebrate the role the prairie played in Texas history. According to Ethel Stephens, a member of the North Texas Master Naturalists, a group of Aztec Dancers spoke about honoring nature, and there were over 30 booths showcasing animals, birds, bugs, snakes, and plants, and several guided walks around the lake led by experts focusing on trees, edible plants, healing remedies, wildflowers.

Ethel wrote to us:  

“The inclusion of the Climate Ribbon Tree was a wonderful and touching addition to the event.  During the day, as ribbons were added, the tree became a visually stunning reminder of our commitment to fight climate change, and at the end of the day, we had a beautiful symbol of hope.”

She continued:

“I can’t tell you how many people said to me that climate change is the #1 issue in our country right now, and they appreciated that we were addressing it. I was so touched by how seriously people took this. You could see how they were really thinking about what they wanted to write.  And I almost cried every time parents would speak so sweetly to their kids about it. I was humbled and honored to be a part of this.”

There were so many beautiful messages written on the ribbons, some of them are listed below:

  • I love lush...the joy and feeling of life around me in nature with a real connection

  • I love you owl

  • I will miss cool winter mornings, changing wildlife and insects and the pleasure a change of seasons bring

  • Want to see a coral reef and all the fishes - I still want to see a glacier

  • Wildlife, birds, trees, flowers, my sanity, soil, recreation, walks by the lake, my joy

  • Would be sad to never see a hummingbird. Please love the Earth.

  • I will miss the opportunity for my grandson to enjoy nature as I knew it.

  • Cocoa beans for chocolate!!!

  • The breeze, the clouds, sunsets and all the wildlife

  • White Rock Lake, trees in front yard, cat, water, whales, Arctic fox, oceans, vegetables

  • The dogwoods at Dogwood Canyon Audubon Center, monarchs, Mississippi kites, horn frogs

  • Bees and frogs and water and trees and turtles and flowers and good dirt and fish and grass and food and breath

  • The tender spring leaf reflecting life in the temperate lake!

  • Wetlands, freshwater, sea turtles