In the wake of the recent attacks, our hearts are heavy with grief. In spite of the cancellation of some events by the French Government, the Climate Ribbon is still heading to Paris. Read our full statement here.

The Climate Ribbon art installation -- a Tree of Life whose leaves are ribbons from around the world -- will be:

  • November 26-30: Conference of Youth / Conférence internationale des jeunes COY 11 a Villepinte
  • November 29: The Climate Ribbon will be part of the mobilization that will replace the cancelled climate march on the day before the UN Climate Summit begins.  Join our team of Parisian and international activists to invite people to make ribbons. Meet at 11:00am near OberkamfRSVP to Rae for meeting location.
  • November 30-December 2: At the COP21 at Le Bourget with at Générations Climat, right beside the UN negotiations. Find directions here.
  • November 30 onward: Installed at Place To B during the two weeks of the COP21, 5 rue de Dunquerque, near Gare du Nord
  • December 2: Climate Ribbon ritual with Eroles Project at L'Annexe, 17:30-19:30. 
  • December 5-6: Large Climate Ribbon Tree sculpture at the People’s Climate Summit and the Global Village of Alternatives / Village Mundial des Alternatives outdoors in Montreuil (at Metro 9 Marie de Montreuil).
  • December 7-11: Featured Climate Ribbon art installation at the movement convergence space, Climate Action Zone (ZAC), at the CENTQUATRE-Paris (104 Art Center, 5 Rue Curial, 75019 Paris, Metro line 7 Riquet stop, 19th district).
  • In the streets throughout the two weeks of the COP21 as we draw the climate “red lines” that negotiators must not cross. Check our site for updates or follow @climateribbon!

The Climate Ribbon Tree and its stories will be a powerful statement of global public opinion, reminding negotiators of all that we stand to lose if we do not secure a strong treaty. This art ritual could become the powerful unifying symbol of all the world’s climate heartbreaks and hopes that this unprecedented historical moment deserves. 

We are gathering ribbons form communities around the world to bring to Paris. And we invite you and your community to make ribbons. Even if you can’t come yourself, you can send your voice, and hopes and stories. To add a ribbon to the Climate Tree, you can submit one online HERE, register your solidarity event HERE, or follow the instructions below.

The Climate Ribbon in Paris is a project in partnership with Alternatiba, Coalition Climat 21, Greenpeace, Avaaz, 350, GreenFaith, Circle Sanctuary and Our Voices. If your group would like to be added to our list of partners, or if you have questions about submitting ribbons to the Climate Ribbon, contact us at climateribbon [at] gmail [dot] com. Also, if you are coming to Paris, and you want to get involved, there’s a lot of beautiful work to do, please email us as well!