We all have things we are not willing to compromise on; we all have things we love too dearly to let be lost to climate chaos. What is your red line? What do you love and hope to never lose to Climate Chaos?  On December 12, as the COP21 is concluding, citizens around the world are laying down the 'red lines' that negotiators must not cross. Find the action nearest you. Or host your own. Bring red ribbons or strips of red fabric and invite people to write their responses down and share by tying them on a tree or fence beside the action. Invite people to read aloud what others have written. People can also tie the ribbons around their wrist as a reminder of their commitment to organize for climate justice. Invite press, and invite kids - they often have the best sense of how big this crisis is and the details we risk losing. Be sure to upload your photos to TheClimateRibbon.org.

Strips of red fabric
A tree or fence